This page provides information for our members regarding the changes being implemented by government(s) regarding licensed firearms owners in Canada. The information here is generally presented in reverse chronological order, the newest info will be at the top of the page. The page is growing so here is an index with links to sections.
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New Restrictions Come Into Effect:
- On May 18, 2022 via Orders-in-Council, the Canadian Government will start enforcing new restrictions on government-licensed gun owners. These restrictions were provided for in Bill C-71 .
1. Non-Restricted Firearms Transfers. It will be a crime for any licensed gun owner to buy, sell or give away any "Non-Restricted" firearm without explicit permission for the transfer from the Registrar of Firearms.
    2. Gun Store Registry. Stores will be required to keep personal details of licensed buyers of "Non-Restricted" firearms for 20 years.

These Orders-In-Council can be found by going to and search for PC number 2022-0446 and 2022-0447

Liberals promise to ban handguns across Ontario 
Not wanting to be outdone by the Federal Liberals, Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca has promised to ban handguns across Ontario if elected on June 2, 2022. more info.

Feds Defer May 1, 2020 Order in Council Confiscation Deadline until October 30, 2023
In a long-anticipated move, the Government of Canada has announced a deferral of the May 1, 2020, Order in Council that currently bans 2,015 different makes and models of common firearms, to October 30, 2023.  more info

Legal Challenge
Help support the CCFR Legal Challenge of the Liberal Gun Ban by OIC. We will forward all funds collected to the CCFR on behalf of Dunnville & District Hunters & Anglers. If you would like to help, you can send an e-Transfer to with the comment "CCFR" or make a cash donation at the range. Every dollar helps. No donation is too small.

NOTICE: Chief Firearms Office of Ontario has issued a memo Implications on Authorizations to Transport (ATT) effective July 7, 2021 affecting those who own Restricted and/or Prohibited Firearms.

Bill C-21 (2021)
Update: with the dissolution of the 43rd Parliament on August 15, 2021, Bill C-21 has died on the order paper.

On Feb 16, 2021 the Liberal government introduced Bill C21 An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms).
Quick Summary of Bill C21 - for more details click here.
  • New "Red Flag" and "Yellow Flag" laws
  • Anyone challenging a revocation under S.74 of the Firearms Act must turn in their firearms
  • Non-regulated airguns (including airsoft) are classified as "Replicas" and prohibited
  • Owners of firearms banned by the OIC (May 2020) may elect to "grandfather" but may not use or sell grandfathered firearms
  • No provision in the bill for compensation for firearms surrendered per the OIC of May 2020.
  • Municipalities may create Bylaws banning possession, transportation, storage of licensed handguns.
  • New penalty (up to 5 years) for altering a magazine capacity.

Revocation Letters and S.74 Challenges
Has your firearm registration certificate been revoked?

The Liberal Gun Ban
of 2020 - the Order-In-Council

May 1, 2020 the Trudeau government by Order-In-Council (OIC) prohibited over 1,500 types of firearms!
The OIC including the complete list is here.

Regulatory Impact Analsys Statement:
The Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2020) (the Amnesty Order) accompanies the Regulations to protect individuals, who were in lawful possession of one or more of the newly prohibited firearms or prohibited devices on the day the Regulations came into force, from criminal liability for unlawful possession for the purpose of allowing individuals to come into compliance with the law.

During the amnesty period, the Government intends to implement a buy-back program to compensate affected owners for the value of their firearms after they are delivered to a police officer; however, until a buy-back program is offered, affected owners will not be eligible for compensation. An option to participate in a grandfathering regime would also be made available for affected owners. Further public communications on the buy-back program and the grandfathering regime will follow later.

The Regulations and the Amnesty Order come into force on the day they are made. The Amnesty Order expires on April 30, 2022.

The Charter
Get a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  Charter of Rights and Freedoms

RCMP Firearms Reference Table (FRT)

The Firearms Reference Table (FRT) is a comprehensive list of firearms descriptions and classifications. The RCMP continues to change firearms to PROHIBITED classification in the FRT after the May 1, 2020 Prohibition by Order-in-Council.

Liberals Plan to ban & confiscate guns - 2019
  • 13 Dec 2019 PM Justin Trudeau has given Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair his Mandate Letter:
With support from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, implement our firearms policy commitments, including to:
  • Amend Canada’s firearms laws to ban all military-style assault rifles, with an associated buyback program and two-year amnesty;
  • Work with provinces and territories to give municipalities the ability to further restrict or ban handguns;
  • Update firearms licence requirements for ammunition imports, strengthen safe-storage laws, develop a mechanism for suspending licences for those who pose a danger to themselves or others, continue to build a national system that allows for the flagging of bulk purchases of firearms, impose stronger penalties for gun smuggling, provide the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with additional resources to detect and stop gun smuggling, and work to limit by regulation the glorification of violence in firearms marketing and sales; and
  • Continue to protect the rights of hunters and farmers. There will not be a return of the long-gun registry.

What You Can Do

  • If your registration certificate(s) for any of your firearms are revoked. Know Your Rights!
  • Write letters to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Blair and your MP. Let them know you oppose the confiscation of firearms from legal licensed owners. Letters addressed to MP's do not require a postage stamp.  Here is a sample letter that you can use as a guide. Also see this post by Tracey Wilson at the CCFR.
  • Join an organization that's fighting for your rights. Join the CCFR. Join the CSSA.
  • United We Stand

  • e-Petition 3388 is now CLOSED for Signatures. "We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to 1. Ensure that the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act is fully upheld and that all personal data associated with the Long-gun Registry, including copies retained by the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies, is fully and permanently deleted..." View E-3388 here.
  • e-Petition 3249 is now CLOSED for Signatures. "We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately scrap the May 1, 2020, Order in Council and Bill C-21, and pass legislation that will target criminals, those who illegally obtain firearms, international smuggling operations and fund community-based gun violence prevention programs.View E-3249 here
  • e-Petition 2574 is now CLOSED for Signatures.  * At 230,905 signatures, this e-Petition is the largest in Canadian history."We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms and instead pass legislation that will target criminals, stop the smuggling of firearms into Canada, go after those who illegally acquire firearms, and apologize to legal firearms owners in Canada." VIEW E-2574 HERE
  • e-Petition 2576 is now CLOSED with 58,870 signatures."We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately repeal the Order in Council issued May 1, 2020." VIEW E-2576 HERE
  • e-Petition 2341is now CLOSED for signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed. At 175,310 signatures, this e-Petition was at the time the largest in Canadian history."We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to put any new firearms laws, bans,buyback programs or changes to licencing before the House of Commons to be debated."VIEW E-2341 HERE

Bill C71 (2019)

Bill C71 An Act to Amend Certain Acts and Regulations in Relations to Firearms has been passed by the Liberal government in the House of Commons, the Senate and has recieved Royal Assent by the Governor General (June 21, 2019). 

***Some provisions of Bill C71 still require an Order-in-Council to come into force.***

*** This law will impact ALL law abiding firearms owners! ***

Link: Full text of Bill C71. Analysis of Bill C71 by the CSSA, the OFAH & the CCFR.

Public Safety Canada: A Dialogue on Handguns and Assault-Style Firearms (2018)

Federal Minister Bill Blair has completed an examination of a possible ban on handguns and "assault weapons".
The Engagement Summary Report show that overwhelmingly Canadians do NOT want more legislation to limit access to handguns and "assault-style" firearms.

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