Pistol & Rifle Ranges

pistil & rifle range
Interior of new building 2017-09-25
Pistol Range:
  • 6 lanes (7 thru 12)
  • 20 yards
Rifle Range:
  • 50 yards (lanes 1 & 2)
  • 100 yards (lanes 3, 4, 5 & 6)
Range Safety Officer (RSO) You must be a member  who is certified as an RSO to use the range - or be with a club certified RSO. RSO training is included in our Club Level Safety Course - see our Home page.

Note: The pistol and rifle ranges are closed whenever the trap range is in use (Sunday afternoons & Tuesday evenings)

Please check our main page and calendar for announcements.

Cowboy Action Shooting

All members welcome!
Check home page and/or calendar for upcoming dates & times.
Grand River Regulators

Match Results

Upcoming Matches
  • See you in May 2023!
To learn more about
Cowboy Action Shooting
see these links

Ontario Single Action Shooting Federation

Single Action Shooting Society


Rimfire Rifle League:
Any rimfire rifle allowed $15 Targets provided. 10 AM to 1 PM
See Calendar for schedule

Handgun shooting

Wednesday night @ 7pm is Pistol Night. We offer a number of options for our pistol shooting members.

Print blank Score Sheets

Summer Pistol League

Begins May 4th, 2022
  • Shoot 2 sets of bullseye targets per month
  • Shoot multiple Divisions:
    • Rimfire 1, Rimfire 2, Centerfire
  • Trophies & Plaques awarded at year-end.
  • Cost: $5 for each set of Bullseye targets
  • One-time entry fee = $20

League Standings

Winter Pistol Shoots
 "Bullseye" & "Poker"
  • Rimfire and/or centerfire
  • Cost per week:
    • $5 for Bullseye (3 targets - 1 slow, 1 timed, 1 rapid)
    • $5 for Pistol Poker (3 targets)
    • minimum 2 sets of targets per month
  • Prizes:
    • meat prizes awarded monthly
    • high average plus handicap

2021-22 Winter Pistol Shoot Results
Standard Pistol ("Bullseye") Tournaments
  • for .22 calibre pistols only
  • a minimum of 60 rounds per shooter not counting alibis
  • cost is $10 for members, includes 6 bullseye targets: 2 slow fire, 2 timed fire and 2 rapid fire
  • prizes awarded to top shooter(s).
  • Tournaments may be scheduled during the year, check our calendar for dates

"Bullseye" is shot one handed and consists of a set of 3 targets:
  1. two 5 round strings of slow fire (150 seconds per string)
  2. two 5 round strings of timed fire (20 seconds per string)
  3. two 5 round strings of rapid fire (10 seconds per string).
bullseye target
"Pistol Poker"
  • one 7 round string is fired at a special poker target consisting of 52 cards with a wild card in the bullseye.
  • Players count any 5 of their hits to make their best poker hand.
  • 3 Hands (targets) are shot each week

poker target

Probation shootsif you are a member who needs to complete your handgun probation shoots, please join us
  • on Monday evenings except holidays at 7pm - Pre-registration is mandatory
  • The Club will provide the ammo (.22LR)
  • There is a $5 charge for each set of 3 targets.

Bill - email  ddhaRangeOfficer @ gmail . com
Gary - email  ddhamembership @ hotmail . com

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