Pistol & Rifle Ranges

pistil & rifle range
Interior of new building 2017-09-25
Pistol Range:
  • 5 lanes (7 thru 11)
  • 20 yards
Rifle Ranges:
  • 6 lanes (1 thru 6)
  • 50 yards
  • 100 yards
The new building for our rifle and pistol ranges is now operational. Click here to see photos during construction.

Note: The pistol and rifle ranges are closed whenever the trap range is in use (Sunday afternoons).

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Please check the calendar for times and/or updates.

Handgun shooting

Every Wednesday night is handgun night. We shoot "Bullseye" and "Pistol Poker". Weekly scores accumulate and prizes are awarded every month. Make-ups are allowed if you miss a night.

"Bullseye" is shot one handed and consists of
  • two 5 round strings of slow fire (2.5 minutes per string)
  • two 5 round strings of timed fire (20 seconds per string)
  • two 5 round strings of rapid fire (10 seconds per string).
A "Pistol Poker" hand consists of one 7 round string fired at a special poker target consisting of 52 cards with a wild card in the bullseye. Players count 5 of their hits to make their best poker hand. 3 Hands are shot each week. Prize awarded to the shooter who wins the most hands in the month. View our full Pistol Poker Rules.

Standard Pistol ("Bullseye") Tournaments were held 3 times in 2018. These tournaments will be continued in 2019 on the 5th Wednesdays of months, Jan 30th, May 29th, July 31st and Oct 30th. Tournaments are for .22 calibre pistols only, a minimum of 65 rounds per shooter not counting alibis, 7pm start, cost is $10 for members, prizes will be awarded to top shooter(s).
See full Tournament Rules here. See Bullseye Tournament Results for 2018.

Contact Bill Strong at 905 774-7028 or   email  bill @ stronghorses . com

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