Dunnville District Hunters & Anglers Association 
237 McLaughlin Road,
Dunnville, ON  N1A 2W7
Phone (905) 774-1138 or (905) 774-7695
email: ddhamembership@hotmail.com

The Dunnville District Hunters and Anglers Association was established in 1937. We are a members-only club - more info. Our property consists of 11.5 acres.  We are certified for a Trap range, 100 yard and 50 yard rifle ranges and a 20 yard pistol range.

As an organization that values conservation, we have a Hatchery and rearing pond for hatching and raising walleye fry. In May of each year we work with the Ministry and catch adult males and females, retrieve their eggs and fertilize them. When they have hatched we place them in the pond until they are approximately 2" long then we catch and release them in the upper Grand River.

Our Club House is a licensed establishment and is CLOSED.

Effective April 3rd Provincial Lockdown is in Effect.


The Liberal Gun Ban: click for more info and E-Petitions
*Updated with info on Bill C21.

NOTICE: Chief Firearms Office of Ontario
has issued a memo Implications on Authorizations to Transport (ATT) effective July 7, 2021 affecting those who own Restricted and/or Prohibited Firearms.

  • Sunday afternoons & Tuesday evenings
  • Meat Shoot! - Saturday, July 24th @ 6:00 PM
    • Sign-up starts @ 5:00 PM. OPEN to All

Rifle & Pistol
Range is open as of Wednesday, June 30th
  • Summer Pistol League Wednesdays @ 7PM. Numbers are limited by Provincial regulation, please pre-book.
  • Probation Shoots Mondays @ 7PM. Pre-booking is required.
  • Cowboy Action (practice) - July 22nd, 2021 @ 6:00PM
3D Archery - Sunday, Aug 15th, 2021

Perch Dinner takeout
* * Take-out only & Pre-orders only  * *
Saturday, Aug 28th, 2021
$25 per person. Pickup times begin @ 5pm and will be assigned on a first booked basis. Dining on our deck is now available.

aerial view DDHA

Youth Program
- interested in helping establish a youth program? please contact
Gary - ddhamembership @ hotmail.com
or Bill - ddharangeofficer @ gmail.com


To register email: ddhamembership@hotmail.com

Club Level Courses
Range Safety Officer (RSO) & Club Level Safety (CLS)
  • REQUIRED for all members who use our range - cost is $40
Firearms Courses
  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL)
  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (RPAL)
  • Hunter Education Course
Note: ALL courses are fully booked into September 2021

Note: A temporary on-line option is now available for the

Range Status

The Rifle-Pistol Range is OPEN (as of June 30th) see below
The Trap Range is OPEN (as of May 25th) see below

The Rifle/Pistol Range is CLOSED on Saturday, July 24th from 3 PM


Trap  - Sundays @ 1PM and Tuesdays @ 6PM

Meat Shoot! - Saturday, July 24th @ 6:00 PM
Sign-up starts @ 5:00 PM. OPEN to All

The 2020-21 Winter Trap League results are here.
  Winter Trap League
October thru April
more info!

Rifle & Pistol

Rifle/Pistol Range is open
Pistol Nights: Wednesdays @ 7PM

Summer Pistol League
Wednesdays @ 7PM
more info

Probation shoots
: Monday evenings at 7PM
        Pre-registration required!

3D Archery is here!

Tournament Dates for 2021:
June 6, July 18,
August 15

more info

Cowboy Action Shooting
We will hold regular practice shoots.
All members welcome.
Check above and/or our calendar
for dates & times.

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